TOPTECH MARITIME is with you together.

      Our company can provide marine equipment of the world’s high level, mainly involving marine surveying and mapping instruments, physical oceanography instruments, underwater engineering equipment, shipping and ocean engineering equipment, which have been widely used in oceanographic research, underwater surveying and mapping, ocean exploration and development, offshore oil exploration, hydrological surveys, underwater search and rescue, underwater operations and marine equipment development, etc. The products include acoustic systems, optical systems, power systems, control systems, cable systems, watertight systems and operating systems. Our company has strong capabilities in system integration and provides excellent marine engineering solutions for many clients.

   We have in-depth cooperation with KONGSBERG and other manufacturers., integrating advanced and reliable equipment technology at home and abroad, providing scientific and satisfactory solutions to meet the different needs of various clients.

      Toptech Maritime (China) Co., Ltd specializes in marine high-tech products. For the past years, it has been dedicating itself in providing the high performance marine equipment and professional technical solutions for oceanographic science research, marine surveying and mapping, and offshore engineering as well.